Hey there, I´m Amber!

I’m Amber B. Thomas, a Philadelphia native and a Brand Designer with a passion for strategic brand design and elevating brands to seamlessly blend design with effective marketing. I proudly hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of Philadelphia and a Master of Science degree in Digital Innovation and Marketing from Temple University.

I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs and business owners bring their visions to life through design and marketing, so that they can build profitable, intentional businesses. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with incredible business owners and entrepreneurs, bringing their ideas   to life and attracting their ideal clients through cohesive and intentional branding and marketing. I am a lover of all things color and creative, anything technology, a 2D animation (check my animation 2010 demo reel here), photography and a heavy exclamation mark user!!!!!!!!!


A few of my favs…

 As a creative, I find inspiration in the things I love. Inspiration is the spark that ignites the flame of creativity. These are some of my favorite things that bring me comfort, inspire me, bring me joy and simply make me happy. 

I love animation
I´m most thankful for my family

I paractise CrossFit

My favorite music artist is
I love BBQ cauliflower!